Wanting a Private driver for that special day excursion with friends or family,then we are the company to call.

Available at any time of the year to convey you between Cities,Airports,Motels or Hotels or to get you to an urgent business meeting.

Pick up from the upper North Island to area's North of Taupo, Hamilton or Napier we can help.

Very reasonably priced with friendly experienced Driver / Guides for your peace of mind and convenience.

2 to 6 passengers and suitcases accepted.



Hire a Personal Driver

If you are regularly traveling into the main centres the convenience of our Smart Business Service could be an ideal option for you.

The Smart Business Service appoints a chauffeur-driver for your exclusive use for the day, who will transfer you from appointment to appointment, transport you and your clients to lunch then later on drop you off at the airport.

You can work from the back of our car and avoid the hiring of a rental car, parking problems or the cost of taxis at every turn.

This service is available between the hours of 8am-5pm daily.

Contact any of our locations for a quote on this service.

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